Music Education Program

The GCSF staff and leadership is committed to the belief that singers, first and foremost, are musicians. Therefore, in addition to the ongoing development of healthy vocal production, rehearsal stamina, and expressive performance practice, all choristers also participate in a comprehensive graded music theory curriculum. This sequential 9-level program provides choristers with the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the language of music. Written assignments are sent home on a weekly basis, and each level culminates in a level test. Choristers work at their own pace; therefore, choristers continually work towards level I and are expected to complete a minimum of three levels per calendar year.

The written theory curriculum is supplemented by ear training and sightreading exercises within each rehearsal. This group integration of aural and written music skills allows choristers practical applications of the written theory curriculum and the application of that understanding to their instrument -- the human voice.

Once a chorister has completed all nine levels of the written theory program and has passed the final level test, she is eligible to begin work towards the designation “Figlia di Coro”. A candidate for this honor must not only demonstrate excellent theory, sightsinging, and vocal skills, but must also become a mentor for younger choristers within the GCSF and an active participant in the choral community of South Florida. Figlie are expected to assist in weekly Primes and Apprentice Choir rehearsals, lead warm-ups and sightsinging for Concert Choir, and attend local non-GCSF choral events.