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Nashville Tour Send-Off Concert

You’re invited!

Friday, June 21st at 6:30 PM
St. Mary Magdalene Church
1400 Riverside Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33071


Join us in sending our choristers off to Music City, U.S.A!

Tours like this one to Nashville are an integral part of Girl Choir’s program. Other than being a fun and new opportunity for our singers, tours give our choristers the opportunity to share their music with a broader audience as well as to develop relationships and collaboration skills necessary to work productively as a group.

Day 1 of Tour Camp at Girl Choir


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Looking forward to season 15!

Dear GCSF Families & Community:

In a continued effort to elevate and implement the Girl Choir’s mission of “transforming girls’ lives through musical excellence,” the Board of Trustees has been examining the organizations’s resources and the needs of the girls and families that we serve, and has decided to adjust the ensemble offerings as well as the artistic and administrative staffing. With your support, we are confident that these changes will serve to propel our organization into a phase of revitalization!

Inevitably, staffing changes follow structural changes. Ms. Lindsey Novitske, Mr. Brad Tucker, and Ms. Cathy Bean will be not be joining us on staff next fall. We are truly grateful for all they have done for Girl Choir and wish them well in all their future endeavors! 

Ms. Sylvia Aycock will be the new full-time Artistic Director for the 2019-2020 season. This new role includes both artistic and administrative responsibilities, as Ms. Aycock will also be fulfilling the administrative role of Choir Manager. She will be at the building five days a week, giving us a presence and availability our organization has never had in the past. 

As part of Ms. Aycock’s artistic role, she will be directing Chamber Singers and Concert Choir. Directing Mezzo Choir for Season 15 will be Mr. Jorge Valls. Ms. Nicole Allen (Straussman) will continue to direct the Primes Choir.

On the administrative side, Ms. Pam Lebiedzinski will continue as our bookkeeper. The position of Administrative Assistant has not yet been filled. Mr. Brad Tucker will be joining the Board of Trustees.

Season 15 is going to be a time of revitalization. With these energetic and dedicated directors, the Girl Choir of South Florida will continue to transform girls’ lives through musical excellence and bring hope and healing to our world.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to speak a board member, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


Board of Trustees
The Girl Choir of South Florida
                Sadie Klein, President
                Emily Janas, Vice President
                Gretchen Fasulo, Secretary
                Caroline Conkle, Trustee
               Darlene Giol, Trustee
               Mary Manteiga, Trustee
               Valle Straussman, Trustee
               Pamela Thomas, Trustee

“Transforming girls’ lives through musical excellence!”

A Message from Season 14 Artistic Director, Nicole Allen (Straussman):

“I have loved serving as Artistic Director this season. I have learned so much about myself and about the power of music education to transform lives for the better.

In the face of so much turmoil in our culture, we need safe havens like the Girl Choir for students and families to be a part of community that strives for excellence together. As Artistic Director this season, I have done my best to ensure that Girl Choir remains the home it has always been. It is my great joy to welcome my friend and colleague, Sylvia Aycock, into the role of Artistic Director for Season 15. She has all of the passion, energy, and dedication necessary to take the Girl Choir to its fullest potential and I’m so excited to see what the next year has in store. I am so looking forward to returning in the fall to direct the Primes Choir and I will see you all in Season 15!”

Open Auditions for Season 15

Know a girl that loves to sing? GCSF will be hosting Open Auditions on Saturday, June 8th from 10AM to 12PM at the Girl Choir offices at 3347 NW 55th St., Ft. Lauderdale.

Information & Registration

spring 2019 program: Beyond the mirror

Join us for two performances of our Spring 2019 Concert Program, Beyond the Mirror.

Beyond the Mirror Concert at All Saints Episcopal Church
Sun, May 5, 2019, 5:00 pm
All Saints Episcopal Church
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Beyond the Mirror Concert at Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Fri, May 10, 2019, 7:30 pm
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Fort Lauderdale, FL

What lies Beyond the Mirror? Through their spring program, the Girl Choir of South Florida seeks to explore the deeper truth behind what we see reflected back at us. Pieces like “Reflection” from Mulan and “No Mirrors in My Nana’s House” by Ysaye M. Barnwell help us reflect on our own individual experience with the way the world sees us and the way we see ourselves. “Letter from a Girl to the World” by Andrea Ramsey and “We Are the Voices” by Jim Papoulis explore the way we serve as a mirror for society, seeing and shaping the world around us. To keep the energy flowing, each of GCSF’s ensembles will perform professionally choreographed pieces such as “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga, and “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman. With the assistance of outstanding piano accompanists and instrumentalists, each choir will explore complex choral pieces and audience favorites that compel listeners to take a long look Beyond the Mirror.

Message from the GCSF Board

Dear Girl Choir Families & Community,

Thank you for your consistent support, especially as we embark on another exciting semester!

You may have noticed a lot more mail from us, especially about our fundraising efforts, and we want to explain where we are clearly and transparently.

The GCSF board and staff’s first priority is our commitment to providing our community with the excellent, transformative programs that we know you value; and as a non-profit organization, fundraising is imperative to making that commitment a reality.

We aim to keep chorister tuition and fees as low as possible and provide financial aid to ensure that no girl is turned away for an inability to pay. However, the reality for our operations is that tuition and fees alone only cover about 40% of our total expenses and are not enough – and have never been enough – to cover GCSF’s total operating costs.

Additionally, we’re directly feeling the blow of severe statewide cuts to arts education funding, as our grant awards have been slashed – one by nearly 80%. The board is working diligently to increase our grant funding and sponsorship opportunities and to reshape our recruiting efforts. We’ve also had to discuss possible future cuts to artistic elements and weigh other cost saving measures if funding continues at present levels.

Especially as a relatively new board, we are constantly reflecting and working to improve our operations and find new ways to support our mission. So though it may feel like suddenly a lot right now, a significant piece of that re-working involved fine-tuning our development strategies and practices through new and increased fundraising efforts.

Fundraising has been a standard necessity since our founding and will always be necessary for GCSF – from gala events, raffle tickets, and playbill ads, to the coupon book, Panthers game, and matching campaign fundraisers now. The community’s and our families’ participation in and support of these fundraisers, along with the work that Girl Choir does, is and always has been essential as well.

It’s the power of the community and our families – the choir moms, theory graders, concert attendees, chaperones, envelope stuffers, donors, and so many more – that has made it possible for Girl Choir to operate and thrive for fourteen (going on fifteen!) years.

This is your organization, and we want and need your collaborative support to sustain it.

If you have questions or would like to receive more detailed information, we would love to hear from you! You can email or call (954) 533-9227.

Thank you for your ongoing support of and participation in GCSF’s mission.


Board of Trustees
The Girl Choir of South Florida
                Sadie Klein, President
                Emily Janas, Vice President
                Doug Klein , Treasurer
                Caroline Conkle, Trustee
                Gretchen Fasulo, Trustee
                Mary Manteiga, Trustee
                Valle Straussman, Trustee
                John Wien, Trustee

“Transforming girls’ lives through musical excellence!”


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Music To Your Mouth – Chipotle Fundraiser Night

Support Girl Choir this Monday, Dec. 3 by having dinner!

Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to
support The Girl Choir Of South Florida.

Come in to the Chipotle at 6320 North Andrews Ave. in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday, December 3rd between 5:00pm and 9:00pm.

Bring this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the cause to make sure that 33% of the
proceeds will be donated to The Girl Choir Of South Florida.


WHERE: Chipotle at 6320 N. Andrews Ave in Fort Lauderdale

WHEN: Monday, December 3rd – 5 PM to 9 PM