Fees and Tuition


Registration Fee $50/year
Uniform Rental Fee $45/year

Performance shoes are not included and are purchased by the chorister.

Tuition 2017-2018

Primes Choir $550/year
Apprentice Choir $750/year
Lyric Choir $850/year
Concert Choir $1050/year
Chamber Singers $1050/year

Payment plans are available by year, by semester, or by month. Additional fees apply for semester and monthly payment plans.

All fees and tuition are non-refundable.


Primes and Apprentice Spring Tours are included as part of tuition. There may be a supplemental fee for each tour to cover meals, shared expenses, and other incidentals.

Lyric Choir, Concert Choir and Chamber Singers Summer Tour is an additional fee that varies based upon destination and duration.

Tuition Assistance

A limited amount of tuition assistance is available to our choristers each year, based upon need. Awards are meant to be partial. Applications are accepted at time of enrollment. Registration and Uniform Rental fees are excluded from Tuition Assistance.

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