Weekly Rehearsal Schedule

Primes Choir Thursdays 4:45-6:00
Apprentice Choir Wednesdays 5:00-6:15
Lyric Choir Thursdays 6:00-8:00
Concert Choir Tuesdays 5:30-7:45
Chamber Singers Limited Wednesdays

Once a month on Sundays


Concert Choir and Chamber Singers have an additional weekend rehearsal one day each month.

Camps and Workshops

All choirs have choreography camp on select weekends in October (Fall Semester) and February/March (Spring Semester). Primes, Apprentice, and Lyric attend for half-day, and Concert Choir is overnight.

Attendance to camp is mandatory as this is our main choreography learning opportunity.

Concert Choir and Chamber Singers have pre-semester camp in August and January (Sunday prior to start of season), as well as summer tour camp in June.


All ensembles perform at major concerts in December and May. Additional rehearsals are scheduled in advance of each major concert.

There are additional performances throughout the season.


  • Primes Choir – Day trip in April/May (South Florida day destination).
  • Apprentice Choir – Day trip to Disney (park and performance or workshop) in April/May.
  • Lyric Choir – Weekend trip in May (usually over Memorial Day Weekend, Central/North Florida).
  • Concert Choir – Summer Tour (US or International, 5-7 days).

Extra rehearsals are held in advance of each tour.

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