Mental Health and Wellbeing for Youth, presented by 2-1-1 Broward

Sat, Jan 23, 2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Mental health is an essential component to one’s overall health and wellbeing. Sometimes this can feel like a vulnerable topic to discuss, but learning how we can take care of ourselves is so important.  

 Join us for this workshop for our youth (ages 13 and older) presented by the professionals at 2-1-1. We will be discussing mental health as well as sharing coping strategies and other resources to help our families, friends, and ourselves. 

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2-1-1 Broward is the live, 24-hour comprehensive helpline, providing all people with crisis, health and human services support and connecting them to resources in our community. 

 Dialing 2-1-1 is an easy way for people who need help to get connected with the community service providers that can help them. The 2-1-1 Broward helpline is available to every individual and family in Broward County. 

 Services offered by 2-1-1: 

  • Empathetic listening 
  • Emotional support 
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Suicide Hotline 
  • Needs assessment 
  • Information 
  • Get connected to health & human services 
  • Every call is answered by a trained, degreed helpline counselor 
  • Advocacy 
  • Online Resource Database 


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