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Primes Choir (Fort Lauderdale) / Prelude Choir (Coral Springs)

  • For beginning & young intermediate singers, typically ages 6-10.
  • Choristers begin to learn the foundations of singing and theory fundamentals.

Mezzo Choir (Fort Lauderdale) / Melody Choir (Coral Springs)

  • For older beginners or intermediate singers with unchanged voices, typically ages 9-13.
  • Choristers delve more deeply into theory work and vocal techniques.

Harmony Choir (Coral Springs)

  • For advanced singers aged 12-18 with changed voices.
  • Choristers hone their vocal technique and continue through our music theory program.

Concert Choir (Fort Lauderdale)

  • For advanced singers with changed voices who meet the requisite levels of achievement in music theory, performance abilities, and attendance.
  • Choristers may be contracted to sing in additional professional performances with local symphony groups, adult choirs, or touring college choirs.
  • Choristers have mandatory pre-season day camps in August and January, as well as overnight weekend workshops each semester.

Chamber Singers (Fort Lauderdale)

  • GCSF’s premier touring ensemble and a subset of Concert Choir
  • Membership is by invitation of the artistic staff only.

Ensemble placement depends upon vocal development and maturation, as well as mastery of required musicianship skills.


Primes Choir

Mezzo Choir

Concert Choir

Chamber Singers