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The Girl Choir of South Florida offers exceptional choral music training for students ages 4 to 18. No experience is required, but a love of singing and enthusiasm for music is essential. New members are invited to join classes based on their age and grade level—no audition required!

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At the Girl Choir of South Florida we take immense pride in fostering a love of music and singing in young children.  GCSF is a place where kids are free to explore the world of music, build friendships, and find their voice in a supportive environment.

When your child joins GCSF they can expect:

Musical Growth: Our comprehensive music education program lays a strong foundation for young musicians. Students learn vocal techniques, music theory, sight-reading, performance skills, and more.

Teamwork and Camaraderie: As members of a choral ensemble students develop invaluable teamwork skills, make lasting friendships, and learn the art of collaboration.

Confidence Building: Performing in front of people can be an intimidating task. As members of a chorus, GCSF students develop their sense of self-confidence alongside their fellow choristers. Their hard work rehearsing and performing resulting in pride in their accomplishments!

Cultural Exposure: We explore a diverse repertoire of songs from multiple cultures, languages, and genres that broaden our students’ musical horizons.

Fun-Filled Experience: The Girl Choir of South Florida hosts frequent social events cultivating a fun and friendly community where your child will create cherished memories!

As an independent non-profit, GCSF is not affiliated with any school, religious institution, or other organization.

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