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Fermata Sustaining Membership

Set it and forget it! When you become a Fermata Sustaining Member by setting up an automatic monthly donation in any amount, you provide ongoing and anticipated support of our girls and the programs that transform their lives! It’s easy to set up, and you can also cancel it anytime.

An affordable way to do good – For what could be spent on a Netflix subscription, you can easily make a difference and have a profound impact on the arts and music education. So why not choose to do good?

Give now starting at the $15/month level and we’ll thank you with an exclusive Fermata Sustaining Member pin!

Your automatic, monthly contributions will be a consistent, anticipated, and regular source of support for our girls and the programs that transform their lives. And it’s easy to get started, with an option to cancel anytime!

When you contribute, you add your voice to our choir and our cause, and you become a crucial part of our commitment to “transform girls’ lives through musical excellence.” Your support actively sustains the values we strive to promote in all who are involved in our organization: the value of music education, of female empowerment, of collaboration, and of the simple and great joy of coming together to create beauty in our community and our world.

Fermata Membership
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