Our Mission

Transforming Girls’ Lives Through Musical Excellence

Coming together to create beauty in the world transforms everyone involved. The Girl Choir of South Florida provides a safe space for girls and young women to hone their skills and share their voices, while connecting with others and making lifelong friendships. Finding that our collective effort and sacrifices can, in time, yield stunning moments of musical excellence is a most important experience, one that shows us all we can achieve when we work hard. When we lean into the vulnerability inherent in singing and performing, we become aware of all that is possible when we let go of fear and self-consciousness.

Beyond the lessons we can glean from choral classes and performances, it is just so inspiring to be a part of a community of strong women leaders. Many of our members have gone on to become professional musicians, environmental engineers, teachers, health care workers, film makers, and more. Seeing those around you find the courage to follow their dreams can be the motivation and encouragement needed to follow your own dreams, and inturn inspire others.

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