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The Ideal Starting Point For Young Singers: Choir Rehearsals Over Private Lessons

The Ideal Starting Point for Young Singers: Choir Rehearsals Over Private Lessons

From the beginning of my career as a music educator, parents have often sought my advice on private singing lessons for their young children. My first question is almost always: “How old is the student?” More often than not, the answer is 6 or 7, or even younger.

For the longest time, I couldn’t grasp why parents were considering private singing lessons for kids this young. I understand their well-intentioned desire to provide an outlet for their little songbirds, but it’s like asking, “Where can I find a personal trainer for my athletic six-year-old?” Most people wouldn’t think of that; they’d enroll their child in a little league team, fostering team play and skill development. Later, if the child shows promise and parents aim to elevate their game, they might seek a personal trainer. But initially, kids play on teams and thrive in a group setting. The same principle applies to singing.

The Ideal Starting Point For Young Singers: Choir Rehearsals Over Private Lessons

Indulge me in this metaphor a bit longer: young athletes on sports teams don’t merely play games during practices. They partake in exercises to strengthen their bodies and refine specific skills to enhance their performance.

The best children’s choirs follow a similar approach. They don’t just sing songs for a single performance; they engage in a variety of exercises to learn vocal techniques applicable across musical genres. They dedicate time to training their ears for harmonies and tuning, grasp the fundamentals of sheet music, and become adept at using musical notation. At every level of Girl Choir, we prioritize these practices because crafting outstanding performances requires intelligent musicianship, fostering success in music as both a hobby and a potential professional career.

For budding singers, the choir provides plentiful opportunities for musical skill development and performance experience. Singing in a choir isn’t just a step; it’s the essential foundation where passion is nurtured and talents blossom. Later on, if a student’s passion deepens and they want to address specific singing technique challenges, private singing lessons become a logical next step. For developing and advanced singers of all ages, the choir remains the ideal place to learn how to sing and perform.


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