Caroline Conkle
Caroline Conkle
Photo by Karin Martinez Photography


Caroline Conkle, a highly accomplished musician and dedicated educator, currently serves as an accompanist at the Girl Choir of South Florida. She works with all ensembles, sharing her expertise playing piano, violin, and various percussion instruments. Caroline is a sought-after accompanist in South Florida’s choral scene where she regularly participates in concerts and performance assessments with local school music programs.

Caroline’s connection with the Girl Choir is deeply rooted in her unwavering commitment to music and community. She started as a volunteer choir mom when her daughter joined the group, later recruiting her husband to contribute as a drummer. Her passion for nurturing the growth of young musicians led her to serve on the Board of Trustees from 2017 to 2022. Delighted to continue working with the choirs, Caroline brings experience and enthusiasm to her role as an accompanist.

In addition to her contributions to the Girl Choir, Caroline Conkle maintains a thriving teaching studio, where she has been inspiring students in South Florida for nine years. Her teaching approach is characterized by creativity and warmth. Caroline firmly believes that making music should be a source of joy, not a burden, and she endeavors to make this philosophy a reality in every lesson for each student. In November 2023, Caroline earned certification from TopMusic, a globally recognized leader in piano pedagogy, showcasing her commitment to staying abreast of innovative teaching methods for today’s students.

Music has always held a pivotal role in Caroline’s life. She studied at the Crane School of Music, taught violin and piano in upstate New York while raising her five children, and performed with local orchestras, including the Chamber Orchestra of Northern New York and Music Theater North. Later, she joined the Hershey Symphony in Pennsylvania. Her dedication to music education extended to directing the young children’s choir at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Newburgh, New York. Presently, she sings with the choir and serves as a violin soloist at the Episcopal Church of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Martin.

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